It is our goal to offer the most recent and up to date medical and surgical care and laboratory diagnostics to our clients for our patients. Our hospital is full service and employs the following amenities to best serve our patient’s needs.

Preventative Medicine

Our goal is to help our patients have the best quality life possible. Part of this goal includes educating our clients on proper preventative care. We spend time with each client ensuring that they understand why and what vaccinations, or treatments, their pet needs. An overall parasite control plan is also put into action for each individual ensuring that each pet’s preventative needs are met.

Geriatric Patient Care

We recommend a yearly exam for our aging pets to ensure any age related diseases are detected before they affect the pet’s quality of life. Annual bloodwork may be included in that exam to specifically monitor function of internal organs. Also, these visits allow us to tailor each special friend’s preventative health care needs to their individual risk factors.

Complete In-House Laboratory

We have a well equipped laboratory allowing fast, in house lab results including a CBC machine, Abaxis VSPro Chemistry Machine and Urine Analyzer.


Our digital x ray capabilities allow us to have fast, high quality radiographs immediately.

Digital Ultrasound

Our new state of the art ultrasound machine allows us a non invasive diagnostic tool for imaging the abdomen including spleen, liver, kidneys and bladder. This ultrasound machine allows us to diagnose pregnancy much earlier than radiographs.

Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

We offer a full range of soft tissue surgery ranging from routine spay and neuters to mass removals, bladder surgery, gastrointestinal surgeries, amputations, and caesarian sections; both scheduled and emergency. Our doctors provide fracture repair techniques using intramedulary pinning and external fixation, as well as plate and screw techniques. We also perform Class 4 Laser therapy and acupuncture on a multitude of orthopedic and soft tissue conditions.


All pets are kept in individual kennels unless it is requested by the client to kennel their pets together. Bedding is provided and the pets are given multiple walks daily. You may bring your pet’s regular diet or they will be fed our hospital diet which is Purina EN (gastrointestinal). All Pets Must Be Current On Vaccinations from a veterinarian. Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination is ideally given at least 2 weeks prior to the pet’s scheduled stay. If your pet is not current on their vaccinations, we will vaccinate them when you drop them off for boarding.

Out of Hours Emergency Service

Our dedicated doctors rotate being on call for those unexpected emergencies. Please call our main telephone number (208-529-4081) and our doctor will assist you with your emergency. Please note that there’s an additional fee for the out of hours service and that all charges need to be paid for at time of service.