Farm Animal Services Provided

We offer ambulatory appointments at your farm in the Idaho Falls and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive medical and surgical evaluations, diagnostics, and treatment. We offer portable radiography and ultrasound. Emergency care is available after normal business hours. An emergency fee for after hour service will apply in addition to the trip charge and treatments rendered. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Our doctors work on multiple species of farm animals including beef cattle, show stock, swine, sheep, goats, and camelids. We can help you manage your herd, large or small, with an individualized approach and focus on all aspects of livestock production.

Herd Health Management

We offer consultations on herd health, reproductive management, including pregnancy exams, artificial insemination, vaccinations, disease management, nutritional consultation, calf management and parasite control.

Bovine Health – Vaccination Schedule

Development of Management Protocols

Due to the demands of modern day agriculture, veterinary consultation and protocol development has become important to the economics of our larger operations. Our veterinarians are available to design treatment protocols (or plans) to help with the efficiency of your animal operation.

Specialized Reproductive Services

Pregnancy evaluation using ultrasound allows us to diagnose and stage early pregnancies. We also perform a complete breeding soundness examinations including trichomoniasis testing on your bulls.


Castration, dehorning, lacerations, displaced abomasums, caesarean sections and hernia repair.

Regulatory Work

Our veterinarians are accredited in Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming to perform regulatory work.

Out of Hours Emergency Service

Our dedicated doctors rotate being on call for those unexpected emergencies. Please call our main telephone number (208-529-4081) and our doctor will assist you with your emergency. Please note that there’s an additional fee for the out of hours service and that all charges need to be paid for at time of service